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Kitchen Renovation

Watch as James Maxwell takes you from start to finish of a kitchen remodel in historic Lambertville, New Jersey. What was once a small, outdated kitchen became a larger, modern space with the builders and carpenters at J.R. Maxwell Builders. After removing the old cabinetry and plumbing, the kitchen was expanded and ultimately redesigned by James and his team. To complete the job, custom cabinetry built by Mink Run Millwork was installed and the end result is a stunning space that our homeowner loves!

Bucks County Playhouse Renovation Video Series

Bucks County Playhouse Series #1

The first installment of 6 videos following and showcasing the renovations being made by J.R. Maxwell Builders at The Bucks County Playhouse.

Bucks County Playhouse Series #2

A new roof, the fire curtain is being restored, and a front landing, stairway, and ramp are being built to allow everyone access!

Bucks County Playhouse Series #3

J.R. shows the catwalk installation, adding color to the fire curtain based on a print from the Michener Art Museum, sanding the floors to be refinished.

Bucks County Playhouse Series #4

Electricians finish the interior lighting, new rigging is installed backstage, and out front, the new seats are added as well as new carpeting in the aisles.

Bucks County Playhouse Series #5

J.R. Maxwell chats with Production Manager John Vivvian and they discuss additional updates and upgrades to the theater.

Bucks County Playhouse Series #6

The final video following J.R. Maxwell’s restoration of the Bucks County Playhouse.