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Over time housing needs and tastes may change. With J.R. Maxwell Builders our home additions are an effective way to personalize and expand your space. Our team is able to match your addition to your current home style or we can create a complimentary look.

Whether you need an extra room for a new baby on the way, an in-law suite or first floor full bath for aging parents moving in, J.R. Maxwell Builders can create the perfect solution to help you transition and enjoy your living space to its fullest.

Home additions are an effective way to transform the house you have into a home that you can truly call your own. Expanding your kitchen, living area, or opening up your floor plan are just some of the possibilities with an addition. J.R. Maxwell Builders has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process of designing and building your addition with ease and confidence.

J.R. Maxwell Builders can construct an addition to flatter any style of home. Whether you just need to add some more space for a kitchen remodel or want to add an entire room or large space, you can be confident in our abilities. Click through to see garage additions, second stories, indoor/outdoor spaces, and more.

Featured Project: French Villa in Bucks County

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